Terms and conditions of 1win Nigeria

1win Nigeria is a legal bookmaker that is licensed to work in the country. Following the laws of Nigeria and the international betting industry, the bookie is obliged to cooperate with various institutions and promote the development of the industry in a legal way. To optimize the activities of users on the official website or 1win NG mobile application and monitor the integrity of their actions, the company has developed a document with basic rules.

The terms and conditions describe the requirements for Nigerian players, their rights and obligations, as well as procedures for placing bets, making transactions, and resolving disputes. In any actions, 1win will rely on this document as the highest authority. The bettor must carefully study this agreement and confirm their acceptance of it in order to continue playing on the site. Otherwise, they will not have access to all basic services.

1win NG also recommends that all players study the terms and conditions not only at the time of registration but also regularly during activity on the site or mobile app. This is because the rules can be changed, supplemented, or rephrased. Although the organization notifies the players about this, they must also be vigilant and responsible.

1win Nigeria Terms and conditions

User requirements

1win Nigeria is open to new bettors and is constantly expanding its user base. However, before creating a profile, the user must check whether they meet certain requirements:

  • Anyone wishing to create an account must be over 18 years of age. Employees have the right to request identification documents to verify the player’s legal age;
  • The user understands that they assume certain risks associated with visiting 1win. The company cannot guarantee that betting or gambling here is legitimate for a particular bettor, so they must find out the legislative aspect of this issue in advance;
  • 1win NG does not accept users from the following countries: the USA, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Panama, North Korea, Haiti, and Albania;
  • Games from the NetEnt provider are not available to players from the following countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Iraq, Israel, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria and Estonia;
  • Also, the sportsbook does not accept bets from users who are involved in sports matches in this or that way: players, referees, coaches, and members of their families.
Requirements for 1win Nigeria users

Creating a Profile

If you want to become a full-fledged player and use all the features of 1win Nigeria, then you need to create an account. The registration process and then using the account has certain rules:

  • The bettor has the right to choose any available method for registration: via email or social media;
  • When creating an account, the user must provide a real email address;
  • The bettor undertakes to provide correct, accurate, and truthful information during registration. Employees have the right to request appropriate evidence to verify compliance with this clause;
  • Each player can create only one account. If a second profile is opened through the same email or IP address, 1win may block the user;
  • The player must come up with a unique username and a strong password, which they must keep secret. It is prohibited to transfer or sell your account to a third party;
  • If the user suspects that an unauthorized person is using their profile, they must immediately report this to customer support.
Creating an account at 1win Nigeria

Cash transactions

To start playing in 1win Nigeria or receive a bonus, the bettor must have money in an account. In addition, the use of this account is also necessary for transferring winnings in NGN to the player and further withdrawal. Financial transactions are carried out in accordance with the following provisions:

  • The bettor can make transactions only using those means of payment that are available in 1win;
  • The user guarantees that the funds used were not obtained illegally;
  • The player will not attempt to reverse a transaction to obtain compensation or avoid legal obligations;
  • The user must make all payments in Nigerian nairas independently. Transactions are not accepted from relatives or third parties;
  • The player must make a deposit and withdraw money only from the payment method that belongs to them. Employees of the bookie have the right to request the necessary documents to confirm this fact;
  • If the sportsbook has doubts about the legality of a transaction, it can temporarily block the player’s profile;
  • To withdraw funds, the player must wager them at least once;
  • The user is responsible for paying the required amount to the tax authority after receiving the winnings.
Transaction Rules 1win Nigeria

Breaking the rules

If a user violates the terms and conditions, 1win’s employees have the right to temporarily block the profile, delete it permanently, or even contact the relevant government agencies. So, the bettor is prohibited from doing the following actions on the site or in the app:

  • Conspire with third parties in order to defraud the bookmaker and obtain benefits;
  • Use the site for fraud, terrorist financing, money laundering, or other criminal activity;
  • Transfer information about your profile to third parties;
  • Use stolen money or payment accounts;
  • Use programs or services that help users commit fraudulent activities;
  • Insult or humiliate other Nigerian players, as well as company employees;
  • Upload information to the site in an amount that can disrupt the operation of servers;
  • Copy and distribute for commercial purposes material related to the intellectual property of 1win.
Violation of 1win Nigeria rules

Customer Service

If users have questions about the current agreement or bookie services, they can contact the support team. This service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is available in via these ways:

  • Phone number;
  • Live chat;
  • Email;
  • Social networks.

If the player has a complaint or claim, then they must use the email address and report it. Within 14 days, employees will review the request and give a detailed response.

1win Nigeria Customer Support