Basic provisions of the 1win privacy policy

Protecting player data is a high priority for 1win Nigeria as most of the activities revolve around it. Every day, competent employees collect and analyze information about NG users, which can be useful for optimizing the site or app or releasing new services and functions.

In order for these processes to take place legally and reliably, the company has developed a privacy policy, which spells out all the reasons and purposes of the procedures. Any user must agree to these terms before betting on the site or in the 1win mobile app. Otherwise, it is not possible for them to play with 1win.

1win Nigeria Privacy policy

Legitimate reasons

1win Nigeria undertakes not to collect private details about bettors when this is unnecessary. All grounds are legal and in one way or another reflect the main goals of the sportsbook:

  • Fulfillment of contractual obligations. By creating an account on the official site, the bettor and the company enter into a legal relationship in which each party has dedicated responsibilities. Thus, 1win NG must manage the player’s processes and provide them with the necessary services based on the facts that have been received and processed;
  • Compliance with legal obligations. As an officially registered and legal bookie, 1win Nigeria has specific obligations to government authorities. For example, the company cooperates with them in the investigation of fraud, corruption, terrorist financing, or money laundering;
  • Legitimate interests. Nigerian players’ personal information may meet organizational goals related to improving the quality of services. This is only possible if the company clearly knows the desires of most users.
1win Nigeria Legal grounds

Application of data

The use of private information is beneficial for both the company and Nigerian players, as it makes all processes easier and faster. For instance:

  • The bookmaker can quickly validate all users against site requirements;
  • The company can learn the preferences of players and develop a personalized advertising strategy;
  • 1win can outline ways for further development;
  • The bookmaker can monitor suspicious activity and stop it;
  • The company may monitor how users play and whether they do it responsibly;
  • The user can access all 1win services;
  • The bettor can quickly contact customer service if it is needed;
  • The player can make money transfers in NGN smoothly and securely.
How 1win Nigeria uses data

Information disclosure

1win Nigeria will not sell or transfer players’ details. However, there are situations where disclosure is necessary. Here are the parties that can ask for such details:

  • Several 1win direct partners;
  • Suppliers who help make the service more convenient for players;
  • Partners who need data to understand player preferences better and create the right strategy;
  • Affiliate members who bring you to the site;
  • Government authorities, if 1win believes that the user has violated the rules of the sportsbook;
  • Other persons with your consent.
1win Nigeria Data Exchange

Data retention period

Bettors can independently remove some details from the bookie if this does not contradict the conditions. Also, after a certain period, information can be deleted automatically.

In other cases, the company will retain the data until the user deletes the profile. However, even in this case, 1win NG, in accordance with the law, must keep private details for 5 years. The reason for this is that the company wants to protect itself from possible disputes or claims from former users.

Data storage in 1win Nigeria