1win Responsible Gaming Nigeria Concept

1win bookmaker strives to ensure that the services offered on the official website and mobile application bring positive emotions and valuable experiences to players. 1win Nigeria follows trends and constantly expands the collection of games with new releases from the best studios. However, the abundance of games may become a problem for some gamblers. It is a known phenomenon that excessive gambling harms mental and physical health.

Since 1win Nigeria supports all international gambling rules and cooperates with various government institutions, the concept of responsible gaming is given significant attention on the official website and mobile app. The organization’s management is convinced that users should control their activity here and be aware of the consequences of impulsive gambling.

The company actively promotes the ideas of responsible gambling, posts links to useful resources, advises Nigerian players on effective control tools, and offers professional assistance.

Responsible Gaming at 1win Nigeria


Many users realize that gambling is a way of entertainment, exciting time, and making new acquaintances. However, despite all these factors, players should not forget the following:

  • An online casino is not a place where a gambler can make money. Remember that gambling can not be an additional source of income;
  • You should take a loss easy and not try to win back right away;
  • You should always keep track of the amount of time you spend on the site;
  • All gambling games are based on chance, so players will not be able to predict the winnings;
  • You must sincerely want to play in the casino, and this must be only your demand;
  • You should always learn the rules before starting the game.
1win Nigeria Reminders

Identification of gambling addiction

As experts note, not all players may realize that they are faced with addiction. Some people simply hide it. However, in 1win NG, gamblers can take a short test, which consists of questions related to their attitude towards gambling. If you answered positively at least one question, you should either tell your relatives about it or seek professional help:

  • Is your gambling hobby serious?
  • Are you increasing your bet amount each time?
  • Have you ever had to borrow money from friends or family to play?
  • Has the attitude of your relatives or colleagues changed towards you?
  • Have you begun to neglect your official responsibilities?
  • Are you spending less time with friends or family?
  • Do you get nervous if you lose or don’t have a chance to place a bet?
  • Have you tried to control the game but failed?
1win Nigeria Definition of Gaming Addiction

Tips for Control

1win Nigeria players can learn to control the game on their own if they put in enough effort. In addition, the company offers several useful tips:

  • Determine in advance the amount you can spend in the casino;
  • Set a deposit limit for a day, week, or month;
  • Do not visit the site if you are in a bad mood or intoxicated;
  • Find a new hobby and combine it with gambling;
  • Don’t borrow money to bet.
1win Nigeria's tips for dealing with addiction


For those players who have lost control or want to take a break, customer service staff offers a self-exclusion feature. This means that for the period you set, you will not be able to play and use 1win services.

If you decide to give up gambling forever, then 1win Nigeria will grant your request. However, it is important to remember that the account will be deleted without the possibility of recovery.

1win Nigeria self-exclusion function